Create financial and operational models that are aligned.

Perform Interactive Query and Analysis

Allows users to perform multidimensional slicing and dicing of data via an Excel, Web or Mobile interface. Build-once, deploy-many approach enables improved communication and collaboration across functions.

Build Financial and Operational Models

Supports the creation of financial models, as well as detailed operational models in areas such as Sales, Marketing, Professional Services, Human Resources, and others. Perform “what-if” scenario analysis and understand the impact of changing business drivers.

Align Finance and Operations

Allows companies to align Finance and Operations by integrating models across functions so you can understand the impact of changing business assumptions on the financial plans and forecasts.

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Interactive Query & Analysis

Perform multidimensional analysis with speed-of-thought response time. Zoom in or out, pivot data, keep or remove members, refresh the data and write data back to the model.

Excel-based Reporting

Harness the full power of Excel for information presentation while ensuring “one version of the truth” from a centralized, secure data store. Once a report is created in Excel it can be accessed anywhere—Excel, web or mobile interface.

Advanced Modeling

Financial and operational business users can take their ‘slice’ of corporate data and add dimensions, members and calculations on the fly. Users can incorporate financial or non-financial drivers into the models and update the corporate plan when they decide.

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