Reporting Cloud

  • Unlock insights from your data. From a single report writer you can produce a wide range of financial and management reports, and drill into the details behind the numbers because it sits on top of a single data source. When both financial and nonfinancial data is in one place, you are not chasing data; you are turning it into an asset.

    Fast and flexible reporting

    Reporting financial results or answering questions quickly can be problematic when data is buried in Excel or spread across multiple systems. Simplify this process in the cloud by centralizing your company's data and reporting in one place. You will have more time to anticipate questions and enable your company's growth.

    • Ad hoc and financial

      Easily generate or modify both ad hoc and financial reports from a single report writer. Answer questions quickly because you can drill into the details directly from report totals. Gain business perspective by being able to combine financial and nonfinancial data in one place.

      • Easily answer the tough questions that arise or drill into the details with the point-and-click functionality in Dynamic Reports
      • Review and report results that meet the latest IFRS or GAAP standards
      • Manage divisions or projects with KPIs and dashboards that are easily accessed by all
    • Management and board books

      Take the hassle out of publishing the final board book, management report, or 10K by automating it. Reduce the risk of typos and missed data because it flows automatically into the final document from the source documents and the team then reviews and collaborates in the application.

      • Automate the final reporting process with Financial Package Publisher which can link a range of source documents and Host Analytics data and flow them into a Power Point or Word document
      • Stay on top of the process by monitoring the reporting process in the Financial Package Publisher's control panel
      • Automatically combine financial results, data, graphs, and narrative the Publisher can handle them all.
    • Flexibility

      Get your financial reporting the way you and your stakeholders want it. Whether it is online or in an Excel workbook, we have the flexibility you need. You also have the ability to work on your financial statements in Excel or the cloud. If you prefer working in Excel, don't worry, as you make changes to your statement the financial data is pulled directly and automatically from Host Analytics so statements are up to date.

    • Disclosure

      Integrating the creation of Edgar HTML and XBRL compliant documents directly to the financial results stored in Host Analytics will streamline your disclosure process.

    • Compliance

      Reduce compliance cost by improving the transparency of your reporting process and source data. Automated controls highlight potential reporting risks and increase confidence in the numbers.

      • Save time and money at audit time with a full audit trail
      • Have confidence in the numbers with full transparency into results and the details
      • Strong internal controls ensure users can easily access designated areas but are blocked from areas outside their control
      • Industry standard security and audits (SSAE 16 Soc 1 and 2) will keep your data secure from nefarious outsiders