Planning Cloud

  • Streamline planning, budgeting, and forecasting. With Planning Cloud, Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) speeds up cycle times, department heads own their numbers, and everyone gains controlled insight into the health of your enterprise. Planning Cloud customers have reported these results: Reduce planning cycle times by 75%; Expand number of plan owners by 5X; Increase profitability by 45%.

    Enterprise-wide budget collection and approval automation

    Free yourself from the drudgery of manual data collection processes with a single source of truth, familiar online templates, and process management tools. View workflow status reports that track process completion and bottlenecks. Attach instructions to budgets so contributors have a consistent process to follow. See audit trails of each step performed by each individual. This speeds up the planning process and eliminates the risk of errors. Because managers add their plans themselves, they'll take ownership of their numbers.

  • Best of Excel without the drawbacks

    Keep the best of Microsoft Excel and leave the worst. Keep using standard Excel formulas that almost everyone is familiar with. They will find the application easy to use and fast to adopt. Keep the flexible grid, robust formatting, fast calculations, and convenient copy, paste, and drag capabilities. Leave the broken links and unwieldy spreadsheets behind.

  • Go-live fast with Host Analytics AirliftXL

    The fastest way to turn your Excel models into Cloud-based EPM. Only Host Analytics offers anything like it. Learn more Host Analytics AirliftXL.

  • Simulation engine

    Run a bottom-up, top-down, or middle-out process. Make adjustments at any organizational level. Create an unlimited number of what-if scenarios. Planning Cloud supports driver-based modeling. The simulation engine is easy enough for cost-center owners, yet sophisticated enough for Finance.

  • Rolling forecasts

    Improve insight by planning with rolling forecasts. Planning Cloud supports driver-based planning and integrates actual results so you can more accurately model future scenarios.

  • Advanced planning applications

    Expand your analysis with pre-built planning applications. These allow you to go live faster and eliminate custom development costs. Because they are part of one platform, you can connect the dots between operational decisions and financial outcomes.

    • Advanced Workforce Planning

      Advanced Workforce Planning streamlines the head count, salary, and compensation planning processes and integrates operational reality into the financial plan. It brings together actuals from human resource systems, hiring plans from spreadsheets, and enterprise-wide financial plans. It standardizes how compensation is calculated across the organization. Only with Advanced Workforce Planning can you achieve greater accuracy, predictability, and accountability of one of the largest operating expenses for most organizations.

      "We dramatically improved the accuracy of our workforce budgets."— Tamara Hay, Assistant Controller, DHI Mortgage

      • Connect detailed compensation costs to the planning process

        For most companies, getting the right people in the right position at the right cost is a critical part of the planning process. Yet many businesses still create workforce costs in an antiquated system supported by linked spreadsheets, with constant data dumps from transaction systems, and where workflow is managed by email. Advanced Workforce Planning is integrated with the workflow and financial processes that underscore the Host Analytics EPM Suite. The effect of changes on the overall plan is automatically visible, such as pushing out new hires, changing bonus percentages, and increasing salaries at a micro- and macro-level.

      • Pre-built workforce planning capabilities

        Calculate salary, bonuses, fringe benefits, statutory, and other compensation items with accuracy. Model changes to head count plans by including future hires on specific start dates. Customize compensation attributes with user-defined fields.

        Modify grade, title, salary rate, whether paid hourly or annually, and all additional information for existing and future employees. Configure specific rules to be applied to specific locations, grades, or countries. Add, edit, and delete to-be-hired employees. Manage textual information for start and end dates to calculate accurate monthly and annual costs. Transfer employees from one cost center and recalculate based on location rules.

      • Finance administered

        Finance users can quickly create and modify compensation items like start dates or bonuses. Advanced Workforce Planning is flexible so that you can change the logic of compensation calculations without bringing in a consultant for development work.

      • Data access controls

        Budget administrators control the access of confidential salary data so that cost center managers see only the data they need for planning purposes. You will be able to see a history of all changes with a full audit trail.

      • Workforce planning analytics

        You can slice and dice your workforce planning information with Advanced Workforce Planning. Create visually stunning dashboards with summary-level information and detailed employee-level reports.

      • Top-down and bottom-up planning

        Modeling tools minimize the time wasted on building multiple spreadsheets and maximize model flexibility. This flexibility allows managers to analyze the business in a dynamic way. Centralized management of cost drivers means that more time can be spent on analyzing results instead of figuring out how to get access to standard employee cost rates.

      • Employee-level modeling

        FP&A can model reorganizations easily. Run detailed reports by individual, department, or company for better analysis. Move employees from one cost center to another without reloading the data. See a history of all the roles an employee has had.

      • Currency translation

        See a global view of workforce costs and plans in a single currency. Our comprehensive currency translation capabilities support some of the largest global enterprises.

      • Currency rates data stream

        Add a subscription to currency exchange rates which are delivered into your Host Analytics application. You can drive fast and consistent currency translations with data sourced from industry-accepted sources and automatically load them into your application. No more searching the web and copying and pasting data. Only Host Analytics offers such features.

      • Allocations

        Allocate compensation costs to any grouping with a point-and-click interface.

      • Integration

        Integrate data from any system: human resource information systems (HRIS), general ledgers, or any other standard database. Automate the data movement to eliminate manual and slow processes.

      • Labor rates data stream

        Add a subscription to labor rates which are delivered into your Host Analytics application. You can analyze labor costs and benchmark wages with data sourced from industry-accepted sources and automatically load them into your application. With the data at your fingertips, you can produce insightful analysis that executives value. Only Host Analytics offers such features.

    • Advanced Revenue Planning

      Connect sales forecasts, detailed costs, and your operational plan to get an accurate view of demand and supply. Analyze, adjust, and report on plan versions to determine your optimal goals and resources.

      "The flexibility to do top-down or bottom-up planning is a big deal for us."— Joel Feldman, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, Otis Spunkmeyer

      • Detailed revenue plans

        Bring collaboration between Sales, Operations, and Finance with Advanced Revenue Planning. Deliver detailed revenue plans for a process that drives top-line growth.

        Advanced Revenue Planning is flexible enough to meet the demands of any industry. It is also flexible enough to encapsulate the revenue and cost drivers of long-term sales contracts.

      • Revenue hierarchy

        Create a revenue hierarchy for the revenue planning process that is distinct from the overall budget hierarchy. This gives you added flexibility and granularity. Create unique time-sets to see real-time impacts of small changes in revenue forecasts.

      • Input templates

        Advanced Revenue Planning input templates are flexible. The interface is data driven, dynamic, and configurable to your revenue planning dimensional requirements. These templates handle discrete Excel formulas to manage complex pricing schemes and multistage sales contracts. Each sales person can input his sales estimates while managers can apply their judgment with the familiarity of Excel formulas and functions. So, Finance can focus on analyzing data rather than collecting it.

      • Modeling tools

        Advanced Revenue Planning saves you time by not having to build multiple spreadsheets. Its modeling tools are flexible, which allows managers to dynamically analyze by prices, units, customer, store, location, SKU, channel, or other dimensions. You can easily adjust numbers based on changing business conditions. You can create scenario comparisons in order to drive the re-forecasting process.

      • Top-down revenue planning

        Your upper management can analyze different sales scenarios, set key sales targets, and drive high-level goals down to detail levels for an executable plan.

      • Middle-out revenue planning

        Account managers, regional managers, and line managers can make middle-level adjustments to the target sales figures, driving the calculations down to the detail-level forecasts and back up to the top-level total.

      • Bottom-up revenue planning

        Plan contributors can adjust the top-down and middle-up plans at the detail level. Manage the full product lifecycle from a new product's introduction to its sunset.

      • Workflow

        Include all stakeholders in a workflow approval process for revenue planning that is distinct from the budget workflow approval process. This intuitive process helps users create customized forecasts and budgets and allows managers to understand each employee's status in the plan creation and update process. You will receive workflow reports on where you are in the process, who participated, and who has not yet provided their data, including Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Finance.

      • Revenue recognition

        The system supports complex revenue recognition modeling, including perpetual licensing agreements, maintenance revenue calculations, subscription revenue calculations, accretions, and amortizations.

      • Sales and operations planning automation

        Advanced Revenue Planning provides the functionality to automate the sales and operations planning (S&OP) process. Utilizing input templates, key team members provide their expectations regarding unit sales and delivery. The group then meets to form a consensus estimate of the expected future sales and delivery. Through this streamlined process, Sales, Operations, and Finance can anticipate future performance, manage customer expectations, and allocate resources with reduced costs.

    • Advanced Initiatives Planning

      Create, model, report, and compare the impact of projects on the overall financial plan.

      Plan for large projects, model corporate decisions like mergers and acquisitions, and evaluate functional decisions. Combine revenue, expense, and capital estimates for projects without creating bottom-up detail. See an initiative's financial impact on the profits and losses (P&L), balance sheet, and statement of cash flows to ensure that strategic projects have a high impact on company performance.

    • Advanced Capital Planning

      Plan for new or existing capital assets. Include depreciation, transfers, and maintenance, and analyze their impact on your financial statements.

  • Balance sheet and cash flow planning

    Know how any financial or operational decision will flow through to your balance sheet and cash flow statements.

  • Planning data subscription

    Leverage external data, like currency rates, for translations. Use benchmarks of peers or economic indicators for more informed planning. We use data from industry-standard sources and automatically deliver the data into your application. You can then save time by not having to look for external data. Further, you will benefit from using a consistence process with accurate data. Only Host Analytics offers such features.

  • Offline Planning

    Unlike on-premises budget management software, Planning Cloud provides the capabilities to update and change your budgets and forecasts anytime and anywhere. Our Offline Planning application offers the flexibility to edit budgets while disconnected from the Internet. Features such as checking template data in and out and synchronizing offline data with online data ensure your budgeting is accurate and on time, no matter where you are.