Cloud Platform

  • Finance and Accounting gain the flexibility of the Cloud while IT signs off on a secure platform that will unshackle its project backlog and budgets. Further, your users will thank you for rolling out an application that was built in this century. Here are just a few benefits of cloud computing: Business agility, Security, Lower total cost of ownership.

    Business agility

    • Finance owned

      Host Analytics was built for Finance to manage and administer. Many companies choose Host Analytics because they don't have an IT department or they have an overburdened IT department. Many IT leaders prefer us because we meet business requirements without adding to IT management headaches or costs.

    • Fast to implement

      Go live faster than with complex, on-premises software because there is no hardware or software to install. Get up and running before your next budget cycle. Our multitenant cloud computing architecture allows each organization to configure its own application without expensive IT customization projects.

    • Flexible for changing needs

      Business is constantly changing. It's hard to keep up with volatile markets, new legislation, and a shifting competitive landscape. When business strategy changes, you have the flexibility to change your Host Analytics application. You can make changes to reports, templates, and the chart of accounts fast, without waiting on a specialist. If your business grows and you need more capabilities like proven financial consolidations, it's all in the same suite. A new application tab appears and you configure and go.

    • Free from upgrade burden

      Innovation is included. Your subscription includes new enhancements that we release quarterly. You don't need to worry about expensive upgrades because our new capabilities are automatically available. Easily test out new features in a safe sandbox environment. That's the power of a multitenant cloud platform.

  • Security

    Our state-of-the-art security is the foundation of our flawless security record. We've passed the most stringent cloud solution requirements of some of the largest public companies.

    • Security

      Host Analytics undergoes annual SSAE 16 SOC1 Type 2 and SOC 2 audits, other security audits, and internal compliance self-assessments, providing the foundation for customers to maintain compliance with critical regulatory requirements.

    • Privacy

      Data is stored using AES-256 encryption. Data is backed up hourly, and stored backups use 448-bit encryption for their protection. Each customer has its own set of database tables and its own partition in the database containing its own unique database schema with no logical communication allowed between customer database instances.

    • Availability

      We offer an uptime service level agreement of 99.5%. Our actual uptime performance is 99.99%. The Host Analytics application is architected based on the .NET framework with redundancy in all critical components to provide high levels of uptime. Business continuity and disaster recovery plans ensure continued operations in the face of natural disasters or major incidents.

  • Low total cost of ownership

    All you need is a browser and Internet connection. Our online application lowers the total cost of ownership compared to on-premises software. We've eliminated hardware, software, and network infrastructure costs, as well as labor costs to install, maintain, and upgrade complex systems. There are no hidden costs with our predictable subscription pricing. Because our system can scale to meet some of the most complex requirements of enterprises, you will avoid the cost of swapping out a more limited system when you outgrow it.

    "Host Analytics provides for us the same value as a large, on-premises system at a much lower cost of ownership."—Derek Yung, VP of Finance and Strategic Planning

  • Finance intelligence built in

    • Unified account hierarchy

      Finance and Accounting can see its data in a familiar way and in one view. That makes it easy to create reports, model scenarios, and handle reorganizations.

    • Rollup operators

      Hierarchy calculations, such as sales less sales discounts rolling up to net sales, are straightforward with Host Analytics. We support alternative rollup operators (+,-,/,*,~). This helps with proper hierarchical structuring and reporting (i.e. contra accounts, statistical accounts, and calculated accounts).

  • Integration

    You can add data to Host Analytics from almost any other system. That way you can better understand your business by seeing operational and financial data in one place. We offer data connectors for many of the most popular general ledgers and ERP systems so you can easily bring in data.

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  • Collaboration

    You can efficiently work with your colleagues with all the collaboration capabilities that the Host Analytics EPM Platform offers.

    • Application access

      Access the Host Analytics EPM Suite from any device: PC, Mac, or tablet. You can even work while disconnected from the Internet with our Offline Planning capabilities.

    • User-access permissions

      We offer robust access controls so that you can share information in a controlled way.

      • Dimension access

        We offer dimension security for access to your account, company, and all custom dimensions.

      • Navigation access

        Define what functional areas or modules in the application a user can access. These permissions can be applied to specific users or user groups via Roles.

      • Template access

        Define which budget templates a user can access.

      • Workflow approval access

        Define the workflow approval actions that particular users can access leverage.

      • Workflow audit trail

        See a report of exactly what a user did at any point in time.

      • Scenario access

        Set access to different budget scenarios by user.

      • ETL access

        Administrators control what their users can execute to load data into the system.

      • Report access

        Set access reports, folders, and sub folders by user.

      • Report permissions

        Report access can be provided either by user or user group. Set access levels at no access, read-only, edit, or full access.

      • Report folders Permissions

        Copy permissions from a parent folder and apply them to children folders.

      • Bulk add users

        You can add many users at once from a spreadsheet and set their navigation roles and reporting roles.

  • Communication

    • Line-item details

      You no longer have to dig through emails to find explanations for variances or other numbers. All notes and commentary is saved next to the numbers.

    • Notifications

      With workflow controls, email notifications, and system alerts, everyone using Host Analytics is on the same page.

    • Online-user community

      Get help from peers with our secure online-user community. Share best practices and tips and tricks.

  • IT and Business-user support

    Call us for support. There's no need to submit a help ticket to your IT department. Because our application requires no IT customization, our support team focuses on resolving your business issues, fast.