Close Management Cloud

  • Have the time and confidence in the numbers to answer questions and make forward-looking recommendations. Close the books with increased confidence, an improved process, and better controls. Reduce the time to close by up to 75%. Get your nights and weekends back.

    Modern close and reporting

    The close process is complex. We simplify it by combining a modern cloud platform with functionality to handle the most demanding processes. Whether you have a large and distributed organization or a fast-growing and complex organization, the Host Analytics Close Management Cloud will help you streamline your month-end processes.

    • Integration

      Upload data from any general ledger with automation options that suit your needs.

      • Load GL data at the summary or detail level
      • Quickly and easily get data from your GL into Host Analytics via flat file with The Data Load Wizard
      • Turbo boost your uploads with Pre-mapped Connectors that include additional scheduling and data validation options plus are supported by Host Analytics
    • Close Management

      Improve the close process with a status dashboards and reporting. See whether a person or process is slowing the close with the ability to drill into close workflow details. Manage and enter a full range of journal entries and allocations.

      • Get a bird's eye view of how the close is progressing with a Close Status Dashboard and Reporting
      • Ensure data accuracy with automated Data Validations that flag account variances and the ability to drill directly to details from summary numbers
      • Adjust multiple sets of books from one place with recurring, reversing, and adjusting journal entries and a powerful allocation tool
      • Review account balances with reporting that allows you to view details behind the account reconciliations
    • Financial Consolidation

      Simplify and speedup your consolidation process with automation. Multiple global entities, general ledgers, and currencies are handled no problem. That includes entities with both controlling and noncontrolling interest. Automate intercompany eliminations to ensure the books are accurate with minimal effort. All this is done in a way that allows you to meet the latest global accounting standards.

      • Supports global accounting standards including US GAAP and IFRS.
      • Consolidate, translate, and report foreign currency in accordance with the latest FAS and IAS standards, like FASB 52
      • Automate journal entries and intercompany eliminations and streamline the generation of single entity reporting
      • Consolidate operational data with your financial data and enable more actionable reporting
    • Reporting

      Produce a full range of financial statements, ad hoc reports, and dashboards from a single report writer that has the ability to dig into details. Take the hassle out of publishing the final management report or board book with automation that combines multiple source documents into a single polished report.

      • Create ad-hoc or financial reports and drill into detail quickly from one place with the point-and-click functionality of Dynamic Reports
      • Publish the board book, management report, or 10K by automating the process with Financial Package Publisher which links a range of source documents and Host Analytics data in a Power Point or Word document
      • Generate Balance Sheets, Income Statements or Statement of Cash Flows consistent that meet the latest FASB standards like FASB 95
      • Review and Report results in either IFRS or GAAP format
    • Controls

      A transparent reporting process and automated controls validate reported results and highlight potential risks, thus reducing compliance and audit costs and increasing confidence in the numbers.

      • Save time and money at audit time with a full audit trail
      • Have confidence in the numbers with full transparency into results and the details
      • Strong internal controls ensure users can easily access designated areas but are blocked from areas outside their control
      • Industry standard security and audits (SSAE 16 Soc 1 and 2) will keep your data secure from nefarious outsiders