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Easily manage the entire close and consolidation process, including multiple currencies and geographies, separate ERP systems, and different G/L systems.

Length: 5:26


See how you can capture all data and templates from a source scenario – including actuals, sublines, notes, and attachments – to accelerate your forecasting process.

Length: 1:17


See how to use templates to collect operating expenses (budget and forecast information) from contributors in the field.

Length: 5:31

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Build better plans and save time with a unified and complete platform, flexible, powerful forecasting with the familiarity of Excel.


CFOs to frontline managers are all on the same page in one easy-to-use cloud application. Drive accountability by having actuals, plans, and forecasts visible across the organization. Built-in workflow keeps financial processes moving with transparency. Find answers quickly with self-service ad hoc reporting. 

Understand the causes of variances with drill to transaction detail capabilities. Produce quality financial reporting fast with customizable and repeatable formatting. Save time on management reporting with report books. Handle last minute financial analysis and reporting questions with accurate data with our Excel add-in. 

With just one seamless platform, you’ll never again have to integrate applications, manage multiple charts of accounts, learn different administration consoles, or swap systems that you outgrow.


The only integrated financial planning application in the cloud that closes the loop between sales and finance.  Model out week-by-week sales snapshots for trend analysis and forecasting.  Bring in sales data from your CRM system, forecast accurate commissions, track actuals, and forecast at team and individual levels. Streamline your revenue and sales planning processes with Host Analytics Sales Planning.

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Host Analytics integration makes it easy to connect and bring together data from different places, such as general ledgers, ERP, CRM, and other sources, into Host Analytics Cloud Platform.


Understand the financial implications of your actions across the business – inventory, prices and service – and deliver favorable outcomes through multiple channels.


Recovering from economic challenges requires you find efficiencies in variable costs such as store payroll, packaging, supplies and occupancy, and adapt to changing customer preferences.

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White Papers

A BPM Partners White Paper

This white paper explores into the differences, including pros and cons, between multi-tenant cloud and hosted single-tenant software in business performance management.

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Finance professionals make critical business decisions that must rely on integrating and rapidly analyzing growing volumes of data siloed in sales, marketing, operations and other applications and areas of the business. Further, there is a proliferation of external driver-based data outside the company that could be taken advantage of. With financial implications at the core of these decisions, finance executives are particularly challenged by the relentless growth of internally generated and externally available data today.

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(Thinking About) Thinking About EPM Software

When considering an EPM solution, it’s often difficult to even know where to begin. What capabilities matter? What capabilities don’t? How does a cloud-based solution compared to an on-premises one? What metrics should you measure, and how do they factor into your decision?

In this white paper, Barry Wilderman, a renowned enterprise application analyst, walks through the costs, benefits, key questions and critical answers of selecting an ERP solution, and provides a framework for considering all the key factors, arriving at the right decision, and insuring the implementation and results are as rapid and painless as possible. 

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Analyst Reports

Read Gartner's 2015 Magic Quadrant for in-depth reviews of corporate performance management (CPM) suite software vendors. If you are evaluating or considering a CPM solution, register to download this essential comparison report. Gartner's report provides their overview of the CPM market, the top players involved, and the important features to consider.

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Many CFOs and controllers find themselves in a bind. They look for ways to give the finance department a more strategic role in their company, yet they cannot provide the resources Finance would need to be able to handle core functions quickly and efficiently. Our benchmark research “Trends in Developing the Fast, Clean Close” found that many companies are actually taking longer to close than they did at the time of our previous research on this topic five years ago. The close is taking longer because finance organizations have failed to automate as much of their closing process as possible and they are using inappropriate software to manage it. Discover how process design and execution as well as using the right software are usually the two most effective ways of accelerating the close.

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Ovum, a leading technology analyst firm, published an in-depth report that reviews eight enterprise performance management software vendors. Use this report to inform and accelerate your evaluation.

In this report learn:

  • Market trends that are shaping requirements for finance and accounting teams
  • How new technology capabilities are providing new benefits to EPM software buyers
  • Guidance on how to evaluate EPM vendors
  • Strengths and weaknesses of vendors


This report was first published by Ovum in August 2014 and authored by Surya Mukherjee, Senior Analyst, Information Management.

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