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Mar 13, 2014
The pharmaceutical industry continues to experience rapid change - from regulatory pressure and high M&A activity to rising R&D costs and shrinking R&D pipelines. Progressive life sciences companies like Jazz Pharmaceuticals are making their operational and financial processes more...


Recent research from Aberdeen Group shows that finance and accounting organizations continue to face challenges driven by volatile markets, complicated internal processes, and inadequate... more

Many CFOs and controllers find themselves in a bind, looking for ways to make Finance more of a partner in their companies. Yet too often, they do not have the tools and resources that would... more

Some problems never seem to get easier in Essbase including the planning, accounting close and financial reporting processes. New solutions are available that can help the Finance and IT manage... more

Many CFOs and controllers find themselves in a bind. They look for ways to make Finance more of a partner in their companies, yet too often they do not have the tools and resources that would... more

Amidst economic uncertainty and the ever-increasing pace of business, the role of Finance continues to evolve. Volatility is here to stay, and CFOs face new challenges in managing risk, supporting... more

Advances in technology are creating opportunities to better align budgeting and forecasting efforts with strategic initiatives for operating in a dynamic financial planning environment. What does... more

Learn why FP&A professionals are moving away from spreadsheets in the budgeting process, and moving toward cloud-based real-time planning. Gain knowledge from an experienced practitioner... more

During this webinar come and learn best practices from peers on how to elevate your company's Financial Reporting capabilities. Gain ideas and perspectives on how to improve your board book and... more

Managing a growing, global organization presents a series of challenges for Finance professionals. Distributed international teams, unique and changing markets, multiple currencies and more make... more

Escalating macro-market challenges, ranging from heightened competition and customer expectations to the consumerization of IT and the changing nature of the workplace, are driving forward-looking... more

Are you stuck in Excel hell just trying to collect the budget or forecast numbers? Are your review meetings with managers more about finger pointing than taking ownership of the numbers and... more

Are you looking for ideas on how to improve your corporate reporting? Join us as we discuss how to improve communication to the markets or your management team through your financial reporting... more

Is your company spending more time managing the spreadsheets during the close than completing analysis? Are you spending too much time collecting data and not enough time producing value added... more

Many CFOs and Controllers find themselves in a bind. They look for ways to make Finance more of a strategic partner in their company, yet too often they do not have the resources that would enable... more

Is your company in Excel distress? Are you spending too much time on trying to collect data and not enough time producing value-added insight? Join this webinar to learn what leading companies are... more

Finance professionals struggle with collecting, analyzing, and managing workforce related costs and plans. Outdated tools like emails, spreadsheets, HR and GL software systems have significant... more

Personnel cost is one of the largest categories of corporate expenditures, representing 30 to 50 percent of total annual budget. Rising workforce costs, including salary, taxes, and healthcare... more

This webinar content will include an overview of best practices in forecasting and reporting, how current and emerging technologies enable the adoption of best practices, and a case study of how... more

This session highlights how the Cloud works in Finance and across the enterprise. It will show how, when combined with the right metrics, the Cloud enables finance executives to provide accurate... more

This webinar will showcase the Host Analytics cloud-based close and disclose application. It will highlight how pre-built financial and accounting intelligence in the Cloud can reduce the time to... more


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