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Hear our customers’ success stories in their own words. See how they use our cloud application to improve their financial processes, increase accountability for the numbers, and save time so they can actually analyze the numbers and take actions to improve performance.

Burlington Coat Factory

Joe Fair, Director of Financial Planning
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"We were using a dated version [of software] that was no longer supported by the vendor and it was too technical for us in FP&A to update. It was time for finance make that next step and to move into the cloud world."


Kevin Burns, Senior Manager of Consolidations
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"Host Analytics, being cloud-based, has a strong advantage over the others. One of the immediate benefits was the speed of implementation. The ability to get that project up and running rapidly was an immediate need for management."

Highlights for Children

Cheri Routzhan, Corp VP Finance/Controller
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"We didn't even know about CPM and our eyes just got really huge and we said 'this is what we absolutely need.'”


Jim Perry, Finance Manager
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"We plan to take every data source within the company and have Host Analytics be our nucleus and our central repository for all of our information."

Indiana Economic Development Corporation

Mark Pishon, CFO
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"Host Analytics has been transformational for us.  We have moved our entire financial reporting process into Host Analytics."

Intermatic Corporation

Tony Meister, CFO
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"Hyperion required a lot of work from our IT department in order to support it.  Host Analytics ended up being the best for what our needs are, having everything we need with consolidation as well budgeting and planning."

International Association of Firefighters

Warren May, Controller
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"I can have folks accessing information from wherever then need it, whenever they need it.  It was a no-brainer that Host Analytics was the right solution for us."

Martin Brower

Paula Pouliot, Director of Global Financial Reporting
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"Before Host Analytics, Martin Brower was living in a spreadsheet nightmare – 16 megabyte, 52-tab Excel models that needed to be completed for each location and customer combination.  Host Analytics helped us bring our locations together and create a consolidated view with global reporting."

Mister Car Wash

Bruce Schumacher, Director of Strategic Initiatives
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"In the three years since we've had Host Analytics we have almost doubled the number of cost centers we have to manage.  There’s no way we could have done that with spreadsheets."

Physio Control

Richard Chaplin, Finance Director
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"We needed the ability to slice and dice data both for use in the business and for the accountants.  A good reporting tool was critical and Host Analytics gives us that."


Roger King, Corporate Controller
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"The difference is the cloud. There is no investment in hardware.  With Host Analytics, I can manage the entire process within the finance department."


Rahul Mathur, VP of Finance & Investor Relations
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"As we were using Host Analytics, people were able to see: I’m faster than I was before, I’m better than I was before, I’m more accurate  than I was before.  And this is helping me not just be a better finance person, but be a better business person."

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