Customers across all industries are succeeding with Host Analytics. See below for a select list of customers.

Our Customers

Avalara, Inc.

Avalara, Inc. decentralizes their budgeting process by putting budgeting and workforce planning into the hands of managers with Planning Cloud.

E2Open, Inc.

With Planning Cloud, E2Open creates several iterations and revisions of budgets and forecasts with minimal use of IT.

Five9, Inc.

Five9, Inc. benefits from the ability to integrate outside data into the Host Analytics EPM Suite.


Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. provides contact center solutions for mid-sized to large enterprises.

iCIMS, Inc.

iCIMS, Inc. provides Software-as-a-Service talent management platforms.

Marketo, Inc.

Planning Cloud and Reporting Cloud not only alleviate Marketo Inc.’s previous issues with data integrity, but they also provide them with more formalized budgeting.


"Host Analytics EPM Suite is nice because if you’re familiar with Excel, you don’t feel like you have to relearn everything."

Saba Software

"The finance team is getting involved in the day-to-day business and not just looking backward and proving historical reports."


With Host Analytics Planning Cloud with Sales Planning, TubeMogul gains better sales forecasting in a scale-able planning system with robust reporting capabilities. ​