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Customers across all industries are succeeding with Host Analytics. See below for a select list of customers. Customers with case studies are highlights with a “+” symbol.

AAXICO Sales Inc.

"Host Analytics EPM Suite gives us access to data and reports that we just didn’t have with our previous manual financial process."

Acciona Energy

“Because it is so similar to Excel people transitioned really well.”

AdvancePierre Foods

Close Management Cloud provides AdvancePierre Foods with a standardized and simplified consolidation process.

Alameda Alliance for Health

Alameda Alliance for Health was able to leave their complicated budgeting and planning processes behind by selecting Planning Cloud.

Align Technology, Inc.

With Host Analytics Cloud Platform, Align Technology has a solution designed for finance to own and administer.

Allegro Microsystems, Inc.

With Host Analytics EPM Suite, the company is freed from the challenges involved in budgeting within spreadsheets and can rest assured their information is accurate.

Angies List

With Planning Cloud, Angie’s List creates a repeatable and reliable budgeting process to ensure the accuracy of their publicly shared financial information.

Aria systems

Aria Systems experiences greater efficiency in financial reporting with Host Analytics EPM Suite cloud-based platform.

Avalara, Inc.

Avalara, Inc. decentralizes their budgeting process by putting budgeting and workforce planning into the hands of managers with Planning Cloud.

Bama Companies

"We have real data we can rely on. Its reassuring to see down to a dollar the impact that a decision would make."

Baptist Health

"With Host Analytics EPM Suite, we have better internal controls on producing financial statements, and we have one version of the truth of all our consolidated info.

Bloodcenter of Wisconsin

Planning Cloud provides Bloodcenter of Wisconsin, Inc. with more advanced departmental and grant project budgeting.

Boyd Coffee Company

Host Analytics EPM Suite provides Boyd Coffee Company with improved financial and workforce planning.

Boys and Girls Club Greater Washington

With Planning Cloud, Boys & Girls Club of Greater Washington has enterprise-wide planning.

Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory gains a 360 degree view into business performance with Host Analytics EPM Suite.

Capitol Petroleum Group LLC

Host Analytics EPM Suite helps Muscatine Power and Water streamline budgeting to help them see the full impact of decisions- both risk and reward.

Carlisle Corporation

With Host Analytics cloud-based technology, Carlisle Corporation takes advantage of Planning Cloud’s features and upgrades automatically.

Casual Male Retail Group, Inc.

Planning Cloud provides Casual Male Retail Group with an application that finance can easily manage.

CEA Global Education

"What used to take us three months [is] done in three weeks."

Cell Therapeutics, Inc.

"Rather than actually creating the templates and making sure they’re correct, we actually have time to analyze the budget data."

Check Into Cash

"Host Analytics EPM Suite enables us to do more than just gather our data; we’re able to make it actionable."

Crabtree & Evelyn, Ltd.

With Planning Cloud, Crabtree & Evelyn, Ltd. is able to quickly adapt to changing customer preferences by streamlining budgeting in the cloud.

Cray Inc.

Host Analytics EPM Suite provides Cray Inc. with controlled access and self-service analytics so that all users can customize their reports and dashboards.

DHI Mortgage

"We're reporting budgets versus actuals in a way we could not do before."

Dominion Enterprises

Dominion Enterprises provides better, faster and more detailed analysis with Planning Cloud.

E2Open, Inc.

With Planning Cloud, E2Open creates several iterations and revisions of budgets and forecasts with minimal use of IT.

EarthLink, Inc.

EarthLink, Inc. eliminates costly software and maintenance fees with Host Analytics cloud-based technology.

Elesys North America, Inc.

Elesys North America benefits from the minimal IT evolvement brought on by Host Analytics Cloud Platform.

Embanet-Compass Knowledge Group

With Planning Cloud, Embanet-Compass Knowledge Group eliminates previous error prone processes.

Enerplus Corp

Enerplus Corp gains all the benefits of a cloud-based platform with the Host Analytics EPM Suite, including fast implementation and little IT involvement.

Enterasys Networks

With Host Analytics EPM Suite's automated upgrades and product enhancements, Enterasys Networks, Inc. has a financial application that can grow with them.

Evraz Inc.

Evraz Inc. turned to Host Analytics EPM Suite to improve their financial planning and analysis.

Ferrotec (USA) Corporation

Ferrotec (USA) Corporation unlocks valuable insights by accessing operational, financial, and external data from one place - Host Analytics EPM Suite.

Five9, Inc.

Five9, Inc. benefits from the ability to integrate outside data into the Host Analytics EPM Suite.

Flow International Corporation

“Having consistent information [is] very appealing to us because of its potential to drive efficiency in our process.”- Annie Thompson, Director of FP&A

Genomic Health

"One of the reasons we chose Host Analytics was as a cloud-based offering I could see how they were going to be continuing to grow the product."

Genoptix, Inc.

"Host Analytics is flexible to changes in the way that we want to evaluate our business and our business performance; it’s been able to evolve with us."

Glam Media, Inc.

With Planning Cloud and Reporting Cloud Glam Media gains better financial intelligence for their growing business.


Planning Cloud and Reporting Cloud allow GoPro to gain insight and increase their plan accuracy.

Grand Canyon Education

"A cloud-based platform always keeps you looking forward." - Jacob Lambert, Financial Analyst, Budget and Financial Analysis, Grand Canyon University


"To be able to report on 46 countries, consolidate those results and spit them out in a matter of hours has been a huge advantage for our business."


"Host Analytics EPM Suite has helped us improve our accuracy. We no longer have to plug a number on the balance sheet, we can account for everything."

Guidewire Software, Inc.

With Host Analytics EPM Suite, Guidewire Software, Inc. has more collaboration across functions.

Health Integrated

"Host Analytics EPM Suite has given us a much easier look into our financial data in a more timely aspect than we’ve had in the past."

Highlights for Children

With Close Management Cloud, Highlights for Children has a more robust financial consolidations tool.

Hudson Products Corporation

With Close Management Cloud, Hudson Products Corporation has a more robust financial consolidations tool.

Impax Laboratories Inc

Host Analytics EPM Suite provides Impax Laboratories Inc. with an application that streamlines OPEX planning and automates monthly reporting packages.

Indiana Economic Development Corporation

With Host Analytics cloud-based technology Indiana Economic Development Corporation is able to put budget accountability into the hands of its department heads.

Intelsat Corporation

Intelsat Corporation benefits from the Host Analytics CPM Suite Cloud application by eliminating costs and hassles associated with maintaining an on premise application

Intermatic Incorporated

Cost savings is one of the many benefits Intermatic Incorporated has gained by moving from a legacy system to Close Management Cloud.

International Association of Fire Fighters

With Host Analytics cloud-based technology, International Association of Fire Fighters is assured they have cutting-edge financial applications.

International Capital & Management Company

International Capital & Management Company eliminated a timely reporting process by adopting Reporting Cloud.

Jazz Pharmaceutical

With Host Analytics EPM Suite, Jazz Pharmaceuticals has a solution that scales with them through mergers and acquisitions.

Kingdom Hotel Investments

With Close Management Cloud, Kingdom Hotel Investments enjoys centralized and consistent data.

Laird Norton

Laird Norton saves time with automated integration of subsidiary ledgers by using Close Management Cloud.

Lightbridge Communications Corporation

Host Analytics EPM Suite provides Lightbridge Communications Corporation with a budgeting and consolidation tool that finance can manage and own.


Planning cloud not only relieves Lindt & Sprungli of manual tasks, but also provides them with forward-looking information to ensure their company’s success.

Louisville & Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District

Planning Cloud provides Louisville & Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District with streamlined approach to budgeting.

"Host Analytics will make it possible to streamline our processes while reducing costs and [providing] timely financial reporting." - Elaine Kitagawa, CFO

Marketo, Inc.

Planning Cloud and Reporting Cloud not only alleviate Marketo Inc.’s previous issues with data integrity, but they also provide them with more formalized budgeting.


"Host Analytics EPM Suite is nice because if you’re familiar with Excel, you don’t feel like you have to relearn everything."

MarkWest Energy Partners, L.P.

With Planning Cloud, MarkWest Energy Partners not only improves their budgeting and reporting process, but also gains more detailed information.

Marsh (MMC)

Host Analytics EPM Suite is configured to meet the specific needs and business dimensionality of even our biggest customers.

Mediacom Communications Corporation

Host Analytics EPM Suite relived Mediacom Communication Corporation from their previous unmanageable budgeting process.

Merchant Link, LLC

"Finance [has] significant benefits to having a complete cloud solution, one that’s user friendly, that has easy trickle down capability."

Midmark Corporation

With Close Management Cloud, Midmark Corporation reduced the time spent on its financial close by 55%.

Monson Companies

Monson Companies (KODA Distribution Group) streamlines their financial budgeting, planning and consolidation with Host Analytics EPM Suite.

Mr. Car Wash

Host Analytics' corporate budgeting software was modeled to fit Mr. Car Wash's specific company needs, eliminated numerous spreadsheets, and centralized data.


"Host Analytics EPM Suite improves our budgeting and strategic planning process by enabling us to quickly consolidate our plans and budgets."


"We now have a comprehensive ability to plan and report using the same source data."


“Host Analytics EPM Suite provides for us the same value as a large, on-premises system at a much lower cost of ownership.” – Derek Yung, Vice President of Finance and St


“We can get actuals in real time which [is] a huge plus and the biggest seller besides price and efficiency [is] customer service.”

NSF International

Host Analytics EPM provides NSF International with a financial budgeting tool that can evolve with their growing company.

NxStage Medical

Unlimited data storage, automated upgrades, and low-maintenance browser requirements are some of the benefits NxStage Medical, Inc. experiences with Planning Cloud.

Paladin Labs Inc.

Paladin Labs Inc. enjoys more user accountability, fewer errors, and hassle with Host Analytics EPM Suite.

Parsons Electric Corp

"We were able to complete the budget in about half the time it took to do in an Excel model."

PSC Metals, Inc.

Planning Cloud gives PSC Metals, Inc. better insight into its budget and workforce planning data.

Rasmussen Inc.

Host Analytics EPM Suite gives Rasmussen Inc. better insight into their financial data.

Republic Airways Holdings Inc.

Host Analytics EPM Suite provides Republic Airways with planning and consolidation tools that ensure all its reporting information is accurate and consistent.

Reynolds and Reynolds

Host Analytics cloud-based technology provides The Reynolds and Reynolds Company with automatic enhancements and upgrades, assuring that they have a scalable product.

Rogers Corporation

Rogers Corporation drives budget ownership and puts accountability into the hands of their managers by using Planning Cloud.

Saba Software

"The finance team is getting involved in the day-to-day business and not just looking backward and proving historical reports."

Sanmina-SCI Corporation

Planning Cloud provides Sanmina-SCI Corporation with a streamlined budgeting and planning process.

Schumacher Group

"As the company continues to grow, we can capitalize on our investment in Host Analytics EPM Suite and not have to add people, especially around budget time."

Scientific Learning Corporation

"Host Analytics EPM Suite enable[s] non-finance people to be involved in the budgeting process."

Sea Island

“Host Analytics EPM Suite helps us provide the information needed to ensure a successful expansion of our company.”

Sharp Electronics Corporation

Planning Cloud provides Sharp Electronics Corporation with a centralized data repository that helps improve its forecasting capabilities.


SkyGolf is an innovator. SkyCaddie, its mobile GPS device, helps golfers sharpen their games as they play.

SMART Modular Technologies, Inc.

Expensive upgrades are a thing of the past, SMART Modular Technologies benefits from Host Analytics EPM Suite cloud-based technology’s automatic upgrades.

Sonus Networks, Inc.

Sonus Networks, Inc. has more time for financial analysis after selecting Planning Cloud to automate their budgeting process.

Spacelabs Healthcare

With Planning Cloud, Spacelabs Healthcare no longer needs IT to make changes or upgrades to their budgeting system; Host Analytics EPM Suite empowers their finance team.

Spansion, Inc

With Host Analytics Planning Cloud, Spansion, Inc. is able to align strategy with budget and ensure that there is accountability in their budgeting process.


Host Analytics Planning Cloud provides Splunk with a means for advanced analytics, forecasting, modeling and what-if scenarios.

Sprouts Farmers Market, LLC

Host Analytics Close Management Cloud gives Sprouts Farmers Market the ability to consolidate multiple entities that use several different general ledger systems.

Stryker Corporation

Host Analytics EPM Suite allows Stryker Corporation’s finance team to be more influential business partners.


“I knew the reporting would be better, but I didn’t expect it to be this much richer”- Ken Stumder, Controller, Stylesight Inc.

SumTotal Systems, Inc.

SumTotal Systems, Inc. replaced their ageing budgeting system with Host Analytics EPM cloud platform.

Tennessee Health Management Inc

Close Management Cloud and Planning Cloud allow Tennessee Health Management to be more proactive with their financial budgeting and consolidation.


Host Analytics EPM Suite offers Telsa Motors an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, and easy-to-administer solution that improves their overall reporting and analysis.

The Borgata Hotel Casino

Planning Cloud's advanced planning applications provide the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa with more information and greater visibility into different areas of their business

The Martin Brower Company

"We're able to provide responses and insights on the data a lot sooner than we were able to before Host Analytics."

Think Finance

Think Finance turned to Planning Cloud to gain a more robust tool for reporting & analysis.


"Budgeting meetings are now about the business, not about the integrity of information."

True Religion Apparel, Inc.

Host Analytics EPM Suite gives True Religion Apparel, Inc. valuable insight into the constantly changing trends of the retail industry.


With Host Analytics EPM Suite, TRUMPF, Inc. gains more information and visibility into different areas of their business.

Tucson Airport Authority

With Host Analytics Planning Cloud, Tucson Airport Authority not only has a budgeting tool but also a tool to help manage HR.

Vitamin Shoppe, Inc.

With Planning Cloud, Vitamin Shoppe gained an affordable budgeting and reporting solution.

Welch Allyn

"Our international sites were very happy because now they can forecast in their local currency and we’re not getting lost in the conversion."


By switching from an on-premises solution to Host Analytics EPM Suite, Zep eliminates the costs associated with hardware/software infrastructure.


The Planning Cloud provides Zoosk with a scalable tool that integrates with their existing ERP system and provides a more efficient and timely financial close.

Zuffa, LLC

With Planning Cloud, Zuffa eliminates all the challenges and risks associated with budgeting and planning in Excel.

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